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About us

Native New Yorkers are often readily recognizable by the way that we walk, the way that we talk, our savoir-faire, the styles we wear, our willingness to accept a dare or that unmistakable pride we share.

As a result, we generally don't need to make others aware we're from The City. 

So when a New Yorker does, it is probably because s(he) likes to flaunt it.

The NYC Wear and Gear line's logo'd items target such individuals, tourists and visitors seeking a souvenir, natives who aren't routinely recognized as being from The Big Apple but want folks to know, and ones whose warm memories of "the good old days" in their former neighborhoods still make them glow. 
So if you're a bona fide New Yorker who is inclined to have pride in where you were born and/or bred go to your head, or for someone to whom you give gifts this rings true, then our line's logo'd headwear in particular and other logo embellished items in general are for you.
In addition to headwear, the brand logos are available embroidered or printed on jackets, hoodies, pullovers, regular & performance T-shirts, regular & performance polo shirts, eco-friendly polo shirts, eco-friendly T-shirts, fashion tops, sweatpants, warmup suits, jerseys, sweaters, shorts, fleece garments, tanktops, PJs, wind shirts, scarves, scrubs, aprons, doggie skins, novelty/gift items, sneakers, etc.

New Yorkers are known for having and exhibiting significant amounts of style and attitude.  The NYC Wear and Gear line's regular or logo-free items include pieces picked to appeal to New York natives,  relocated residents and others who share those two characteristics.

Featured are handpainted silk robes, caftans and Panasheias, various types of tops/tunics, pashmina and silk blend shawls, scarves, elegant Asian halter tops/blouses, Swarovski Crystalized Zipper Tank Tops,  Swarovski Crystalized Zipper Tees, reversible Asian jackets, sweaters, loungewear, leggings, dresses, skirts, retro running shorts and accessories.

The result, a line consisting of gift items, casual garments and sportswear on which an NYC-centric logo is embroidered/machine printed and alluring articles of clothing, many with Asian influences, that fall into a couple of categories: 1) pieces with timeless appeal that are capable of being dressed up or down, suitable for wear in a variety of settings and represent appropriate attire at a wide range of events and 2) exquisite imported silk robes, caftans and tunics that will caress your curves and celebrate your sexuality.

Perfect for when the party is at your place... and the guest list has been narrowed to one.

We welcome suggestions regarding gift items, garments or accessories that we do not offer currently and you would like to see.

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